Residential Cleaning Services in North Liberty, IA

Come Back to A Clean Home

At Scrubs Cleaning Services, LLC, we take pride in our meticulous house cleaning services in North Liberty, IA. We are completely dedicated to making sure your house or apartment building is spotless and looking great for you, your residents and/or your guests. We perform all of these services with a smile and a can-do attitude!

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Here are just a few examples of our residential cleaning services in North Liberty, IA:

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  • Cleaning Floors – In addition to sweeping and mopping all hard-surfaced floors, we also vacuum all carpets and rugs that you have in your home to keep them free of debris.
  • Cleaning Furniture – We regularly wash, dust and polish furniture, whether it is upholstered, wooden or otherwise, to keep it looking brand new and free of dust and hair.
  • Green Cleaning – We have green cleaning services available upon request. Your service representative can provide you with more information.
  • Window Washing – We will make sure that your windows are streak-free and perfectly clear.
  • Light Fixture Cleaning – We will clean the light fixtures in your home as well as any chandeliers.
  • Dusting and Cleaning Surfaces – We make sure all baseboards, window frames, door frames, ceiling fans, wall-mounted fixtures, blinds and other surfaces and corners are regularly clean and free of dust to prevent any breathing problems from occurring in your home. We also clean light switches and door knobs to help prevent the spread of germs.
  • Full Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning – Kitchen and bathroom cleaning can be the most tedious chore for homeowners. We take great pride in performing deep cleans of these often dirty rooms, including washing and polishing all appliances, cleaning all glass surfaces, disinfecting tubs, showers, sinks and toilets, and more.
  • Cleaning Under Furniture – We are more than happy to move and clean beneath any lighter furniture items you have in your home to go even more in-depth with our services.

We know you lead a busy life taking care of children, pets, and everything else. Let us worry about keeping your house clean.

To learn more about our selection of house cleaning services in North Liberty, IA, contact us at Scrubs Cleaning Services, LLC at 319-400-7030.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Your crew is very considerate as they always do just a little more than expected. I appreciate their help and Please thank them for me!

-Janice F.

Thank you as your people were excellent.

-Patti S.