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$145+ for 4 hours.  Additional hours negotiable.


Power Washing

Post Construction

Come Back to A Clean Home

At Scrubs Cleaning Services, LLC, we take pride in our meticulous house cleaning services in North Liberty, IA. We’re 100% dedicated to making sure your house or apartment building is spotless and looking great for you, your residents and/or your guests. We perform all these services with a smile and a can-do attitude!


  • Cleaning Floors – In addition to sweeping and mopping all hard-surfaced floors, we vacuum all carpets and rugs that you have in your home to keep them free of debris.
  • Cleaning Furniture – We regularly wash, dust and polish furniture, whether it’s upholstered, wooden or otherwise, to keep it looking brand new and free of dust and hair.
  • Green Cleaning – We have green cleaning services available upon request. Your service representative can provide you with more information.
  • Window Washing – We will make sure that your windows are streak-free and crystal clear.
  • Light Fixture Cleaning – We will clean the light fixtures in your home as well as any chandeliers.
  • Dusting and Cleaning Surfaces – We make sure all baseboards, window frames, door frames, ceiling fans, wall-mounted fixtures, blinds and other surfaces and corners are regularly clean and free of dust to prevent any breathing problems from occurring in your home. We also clean light switches and door knobs to help prevent the spread of germs.
  • Full Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning – Kitchen and bathroom cleaning can be the most tedious chore for homeowners. We take great pride in performing deep cleans of these often-dirty rooms, including washing and polishing all appliances, cleaning all glass surfaces, disinfecting tubs, showers, sinks and toilets, and more.
  • Cleaning Under Furniture – We’re more than happy to move and clean beneath any lighter furniture items you have in your home to give you a more in-depth service.



We know you lead a busy life taking care of children, pets, and everything else. Let us worry about keeping your house clean.

To learn more about our selection of house cleaning services in North Liberty, IA, contact us at Scrubs Cleaning Services, LLC at 319-400-7030.

We’ll Keep Your Business Spotless

In need of a reliable cleaning service for your company? We provide cleaning to a wide variety of companies and industries here in Iowa, typically with businesses that have office spaces of 1,000 square feet or more. In addition to regular office spaces, we are also able to provide our services to medical offices, adhering to the higher standards of cleanliness and disinfecting associated with these facilities.


Our commercial cleaning & janitorial services in North Liberty, IA:

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Restrooms – We regularly clean and disinfect restrooms at office buildings to ensure they are fully sanitary for use every single day.
  • Cleaning Stairs and Elevators – Stairways and elevators are some of the most heavily traveled areas of any office building, which means there are likely to be large buildups of debris and germs. We clean these areas to keep them sanitary for all users.
  • Removing Trash – We will remove all trash from your office and replace your trash liners with fresh ones.
  • Disinfecting Often-Touched Areas – Doorknobs, light switches, counter-tops, microwaves, refrigerators and sinks are all examples of areas that are touched by multiple people every single day in an office building. Cleaning these areas helps to prevent the spread of germs and illness.
  • Dusting All Surfaces and Corners – We dust shelving, any surfaces, corners and baseboards to keep your offices looking great, and to prevent these dust particles from becoming airborne and triggering breathing problems in people working in your office building.
  • Cleaning Floors – We vacuum, sweep and mop all floors to keep them looking brand new for years to come.
  • Washing Windows – Few things can hurt the appearance of an office building like windows that are covered with streaks and smudges. We keep your windows clean to give you an uninhibited view of the outdoors.


These are just a few examples of our services related to commercial cleaning in North Liberty, IA. Contact us at 319-400-7030 to learn more.

Make It Look New Again

Power washing is an outstanding way to keep the exterior of your home or business looking like it’s brand new. Over time, facades, decks and other outdoor features can become caked with dirt, dust, ash and other debris, which can severely dull their appearance. Power washing restores your building to the way it was meant to look, while restoring some of your building’s value as well.


  • Siding – The effects of power washing on siding can be significant, especially if the siding is white or a bright color. Watch the dirt come right off and the color of your home be restored!
  • Driveways and Sidewalks – Concrete and asphalt driveways and sidewalks can begin to look old and worn simply because of a buildup of dirt and debris. Power washing helps to restore their appearance to make your home much more attractive.
  • Decks – Wood decks need to be regularly maintained to ensure a long lifespan. Before you reseal the wood, you should have it power washed to remove all dirt, bird droppings, sap and any other debris that has collected on it over the years.
  • Windows – Some windows cannot easily be reached for exterior cleaning, which means power washing is the only feasible way to get to them. Power washing window exteriors helps to significantly clear up your view to the outdoors, and simply makes the façade of your building look better.
  • Garage Interiors – Many people like to have the floor of their garage interior power washed to remove dirt buildups and fluids that have spilled over the years. Doing so can make your garage look many years younger!


These are just a few examples of our power washing services in North Liberty, IA. For more information, contact us today at 319-400-7030.

Let Us Take Care of You

Whether you have recently built a brand-new building or have had some sort of construction, repair or remodeling work done on your property, chances are the construction crew left at least a bit of a mess behind. Rather than worrying about clearing it out yourself, you can place your trust in our team that specializes in post-construction cleaning in North Liberty, IA.


We assist our post-construction customers with the following tasks:

  • Trash, Dirt and Debris Removal – Any sort of trash and debris that gets left behind from construction work will likely need special tools, equipment and cleaners to completely remove so your property looks as good as new. We have all the items needed to safely remove this debris from your property.
  • Polishing Fixtures – After you’ve had construction work done on your home or office, it’s not at all uncommon for there to be dirt, debris or blemishes on your cabinets, vanities, woodwork, sinks, electrical fixtures, appliances, shelving, casings, sills, doors, thresholds, trim, windows, glass doors and other features and fixtures. Our team polishes these fixtures so your home looks completely clean.
  • Fully Sanitizing Bathrooms and Plumbing – To make sure your plumbing fixtures are completely sanitary, we perform full cleaning services before you use them.
  • Cleaning Your Floors – Our team vacuums, sweeps and mops your floors to make sure they are shiny and spotless after you have had construction work done on your home or office building.
  • Power Washing Exterior – Construction can take its toll on the appearance of the outside of your building as well. Chances are, a significant amount of dust and debris has built up on the facade. We perform an exterior power wash to make sure your building looks its best.
  • Window Cleaning – We offer both interior and exterior window cleaning to leave the windows in your home looking spotless.


For more information about our post-construction and new construction cleaning in North Liberty, IA, we encourage you to contact our team today at 319-400-7030.

Before, During, and After photos of a home cleaning.

We proudly serve the following locations in Iowa:

North Liberty, Coralville, Tiffin, Iowa City, Swisher, Solon and Shueyville

Cleaning team using ladders to reach high windows.

Cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning floors
  • Cleaning furniture
  • Green cleaning available upon request
  • Window washing
  • Light fixture cleaning including chandeliers
  • Dusting and cleaning surfaces
  • Full kitchen and bathroom including disinfecting surfaces
  • Cleaning under furniture

Power washing services include:

  • Siding
  • Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Decks
  • Windows
  • Garage Interiors

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