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In need of a reliable cleaning service for your company? We provide cleaning to a wide variety of companies and industries here in Iowa, typically with businesses that have office spaces of 1,000 square feet or more. In addition to regular office spaces, we are also able to provide our services to medical offices, adhering to the higher standards of cleanliness and disinfecting associated with these facilities.

Our commercial cleaning & janitorial services in North Liberty, IA:

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Restrooms – We regularly clean and disinfect restrooms at office buildings to ensure they are fully sanitary for use every single day.
  • Cleaning Stairs and Elevators – Stairways and elevators are some of the most heavily traveled areas of any office building, which means there are likely to be large buildups of debris and germs. We clean these areas to keep them sanitary for all users.
  • Removing Trash – We will remove all trash from your office and replace your trash liners with fresh ones.
  • Disinfecting Often-Touched Areas – Doorknobs, light switches, counter-tops, microwaves, refrigerators and sinks are all examples of areas that are touched by multiple people every single day in an office building. Cleaning these areas helps to prevent the spread of germs and illness.
  • Dusting All Surfaces and Corners – We dust shelving, any surfaces, corners and baseboards to keep your offices looking great, and to prevent these dust particles from becoming airborne and triggering breathing problems in people working in your office building.
  • Cleaning Floors – We vacuum, sweep and mop all floors to keep them looking brand new for years to come.
  • Washing Windows – Few things can hurt the appearance of an office building like windows that are covered with streaks and smudges. We keep your windows clean to give you an uninhibited view of the outdoors.

These are just a few examples of our services related to commercial cleaning in North Liberty, IA. Contact us at 319-400-7030 to learn more.

Proudly offering commercial and residential cleaning services to the following areas:

  • North Liberty, IA
  • Coralville, IA
  • Tiffin, IA
  • Iowa City, IA
  • Swisher, IA
  • Solon, IA
  • Shueyville, IA

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