Power Washing

Make It Look New Again

Power washing is an outstanding way to keep the exterior of your home or business looking like it’s brand new. Over time, facades, decks and other outdoor features can become caked with dirt, dust, ash and other debris, which can severely dull their appearance. Power washing restores your building to the way it was meant to look, while restoring some of your building’s value as well.

  • Siding – The effects of power washing on siding can be significant, especially if the siding is white or a bright color. Watch the dirt come right off and the color of your home be restored!
  • Driveways and Sidewalks – Concrete and asphalt driveways and sidewalks can begin to look old and worn simply because of a buildup of dirt and debris. Power washing helps to restore their appearance to make your home much more attractive.
  • Decks – Wood decks need to be regularly maintained to ensure a long lifespan. Before you reseal the wood, you should have it power washed to remove all dirt, bird droppings, sap and any other debris that has collected on it over the years.
  • Windows – Some windows cannot easily be reached for exterior cleaning, which means power washing is the only feasible way to get to them. Power washing window exteriors helps to significantly clear up your view to the outdoors, and simply makes the façade of your building look better.
  • Garage Interiors – Many people like to have the floor of their garage interior power washed to remove dirt buildups and fluids that have spilled over the years. Doing so can make your garage look many years younger!

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