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Whether you have recently built a brand-new building or have had some sort of construction, repair or remodeling work done on your property, chances are the construction crew left at least a bit of a mess behind. Rather than worrying about clearing it out yourself, you can place your trust in our team that specializes in post-construction cleaning in North Liberty, IA.

We assist our post-construction customers with the following tasks:

  • Trash, Dirt and Debris Removal – Any sort of trash and debris that gets left behind from construction work will likely need special tools, equipment and cleaners to completely remove so your property looks as good as new. We have all the items needed to safely remove this debris from your property.
  • Polishing Fixtures – After you’ve had construction work done on your home or office, it’s not at all uncommon for there to be dirt, debris or blemishes on your cabinets, vanities, woodwork, sinks, electrical fixtures, appliances, shelving, casings, sills, doors, thresholds, trim, windows, glass doors and other features and fixtures. Our team polishes these fixtures so your home looks completely clean.
  • Fully Sanitizing Bathrooms and Plumbing – To make sure your plumbing fixtures are completely sanitary, we perform full cleaning services before you use them.
  • Cleaning Your Floors – Our team vacuums, sweeps and mops your floors to make sure they are shiny and spotless after you have had construction work done on your home or office building.
  • Power Washing Exterior – Construction can take its toll on the appearance of the outside of your building as well. Chances are, a significant amount of dust and debris has built up on the facade. We perform an exterior power wash to make sure your building looks its best.
  • Window Cleaning – We offer both interior and exterior window cleaning to leave the windows in your home looking spotless.

For more information about our post-construction and new construction cleaning in North Liberty, IA, we encourage you to contact our team today at 319-400-7030.

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